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  • Avisulan (Pecker) – two legged flightless bird. Main source of dried meat on Zona Nox.


  • Mozar - large thick skinned cattle bred galaxy wide for their meat. Very prolific and passive. One Mozar carcass can feed a household for a week. Used as a symbol of stupidity or blissful ignorance.


  • Sylith – insect-like creature renowned for its prolific breeding and ferocity. A Sylith hive acts as a collective group, with an Alpha or Queen leading the Hive and transmitting signals to control its subordinates.


  • Vowl – canine pack scavenger. Generally harmless but may attack lone travelers or small settlements if the pack becomes large enough.


  • Zot – small scaly vermin. Commonly used as a symbol for the conniving, greedy and cowardly. Distantly related to the Great Terran mammal – the Rat.
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