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The events of the Warpmancer Series take place in Central Space. Galactic politics centers around the Imperial Council's conquests and the free races' attempts to circumvent them.

Race Classification

Races are divided into the following categories:

  • Free - the race, for the most part, are independent.
  • Enslaved - the vast majority of the race is enslaved to another.
  • Mixed - no real trend in the status of the race.
  • Diaspora - the race has been separated for very long.
  • Imperial - the race is one of the three members of the Imperial Council government.

Planet Classification

The following is a quote from Jherin Kura'Kaia's Wealth of the Galaxy.

“A world’s prosperity is classified in three categories; the ‘first’ worlds are the bastions of wealth and well-being, second are the colony and nation worlds which may not be as wealthy as the first worlds but receive enough attention to somewhat thrive, the last are the Frontier planets; poor and developing worlds with lacklustre technology. They are destitute, but they are often the future and the focus of many galactic conflicts.” – Extract from the ‘Wealth of the Galaxy’ by Jherin Kura’kaia

Other classifications also exist, such as waste worlds, which are uninhabitable, or garden worlds, which are veritable Edens.

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