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  • Central Space - term referring to the branch of the galaxy in which most Imperial and other free race activity takes place.


  • Earth/Terra – homeworld of the Human race and only naturally habitable planet in Great Terra.
  • Elx – Zangorian breeding world known for its testing of Sylith reproduction.
  • Eran-lar – Exanoid colony known for its orbital drop air force.


  • Ganymede – Moon of Jupiter. Taken by Imperials after the Blighting and recently re-taken.
  • Glaris – human world conquered by Imperials. Located in Alpha Centauri.
  • Glotos III - Highland mining world owned by Gwok-Co until the rebellion where Grag-Tec took over; located in Extos III as a large moon
  • Grelaz – Edal homeworld.
  • Grengen – homeworld of the Vacaraptor. Located in Extos III.


  • La’rz – Zangorian breeding world. Home of Zerichi.


  • Mars – Trooper homeworld and the capital of the Great Terran system.


  • Nova Zarxa - Crystal mining world owned by multiple races and corporations located in Extos III.


  • Zeruit – Zangorian homeworld. Conquered by the early Xank.
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