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The Trooper Order

The Trooper Order is a human-dominated super faction. Their homeworld is Mars, Great Terra. They were founded in 3008 in response to the Fall of Earth. Their mission is to protect humanity across the galaxy.

System of Governance

The Troopers are governed by a large decentralised system of commanding officers who all answer to the High Council of Mars. The High Council is headed up by an elected leader called the High Protector. As of the end of Fall of Zona Nox, Winston Mengel is the current High Protector.

Due to the large scale of Trooper operations, the chain of command is typically decentralized and laisezz-faire. All that is required of a section is that they obey Trooper laws. As a result of this, many Trooper regiments around the galaxy will look very different and have different organisational cultures.

To fund their typically charitable operations, the Troopers rely on contracts with corporations to act as security forces. Any corporation, regardless of dominant race, can hire the Troopers as security. With this money, the Troopers fund protection efforts around the galaxy. For larger scale operations, the populace and trade of Mars is taxed.


The Trooper Order was founded by Colonel Rothhardt in 3008 in order to unite the surviving military forces of the now fallen Earth. He united all the disparate armies into a trans-planetary security force, dedicated to defending human-owned planets and interests.

Ranking System

The Troopers reward merit on the field as well as experience in combat. An officer has the power to promote any Trooper to a certain rank in relation to his own.

  • Trainee – newly inducted into the Troopers, typically on an informal basis.
  • Private – general foot soldier, officially registered.
  • Veteran – has fought in a major battle or conflict, and had been recognised for their prowess.
  • Corporal – sometimes lower than a veteran; specializes in a particular role on the field.
  • Sergeant (within a squad) – leads a portion of a larger squad or more commonly specializes in a particular field.
  • Sergeant (of a squad) – leads a small squad of four to fifteen people.
  • Lieutenant – leads a specialized squad or acts as a leader within a platoon.
  • Captain/Strike Leader – leads a strike team which can contain up to three squads.
  • Commander – leads a platoon of up to three strike teams.
  • Colonel – leads a force of up to three platoons or acts as an extremely skilled specialist within a task force.
  • General (of a force) – leads an army made up of fifty platoons.
  • General (of the Council) – Representative or member of the High Command. Engages in galactic wide command.
  • High Protector – leader of the Troopers. Elected by Council Generals.


While not the formal law of the Troopers, mass recruiting on backwater worlds has made simplified rules more and more necessary for reaching out to the population.

  1. Fight the enemies of mankind.
  2. Slay the traitors of our race.
  3. Protect humankind.
  4. Prepare to live and die for the Order.
  5. Never slay or harm a fellow Trooper.
  6. Relish peace, prepare for war.
  7. Bullets take lives. Skill saves them.
  8. Pursue the art of our enemies to wreak vengeance upon them.
  9. Blood and Blight, never forget.
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